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Graduates Only!

If you have graduated a Fight Club™ Round – You can order any items from a Star Level you have completed.

For Example: You graduated your first FC Round – You can purchase items from 1 Star Level. See Below

1 Round


Per Month

2 Round


Per Month

3 Round


Per Month


Doesn’t fit?
Don’t Like it?
Return it for a replacement, or exchange ASAP.

Our gear is guaranteed.

Not a Grad?

Join us for the next chapter of fight club™ and you will be able to earn one of these symbols of victory too!

[page_submenu alignment=”center” sticky=”true” bg_color=”rgba(226,226,226,0.88)” link_color=”#6fc400″][page_link link_new_tab=”true” link_url=”#1stGraduation” title=”1st Graduation” id=”1535534478-2-23″ tab_id=”1535534498169-4″] [/page_link][page_link link_new_tab=”true” title=”2nd Grad” id=”1535534603848-0-8″ tab_id=”1535534603850-3″ link_url=”#2ndGrad”][/page_link][page_link link_new_tab=”true” title=”3rd Grad” id=”1535534646271-0-0″ tab_id=”1535534646272-6″ link_url=”#3rdGrad”][/page_link][page_link link_new_tab=”true” title=”4th Grad” id=”1535534675911-0-6″ tab_id=”1535534675913-8″ link_url=”#4thGrad”][/page_link][page_link link_new_tab=”true” title=”5th Grad” id=”1535534699934-0-6″ tab_id=”1535534699936-8″ link_url=”#5thGrad”][/page_link][page_link link_new_tab=”true” title=”6th Grad” id=”1535534773943-0-7″ tab_id=”1535534773944-3″ link_url=”#6thGrad”][/page_link][page_link link_new_tab=”true” title=”7th Grad” id=”1535534796963-0-2″ tab_id=”1535534796965-10″ link_url=”#7thGrad”][/page_link][page_link link_new_tab=”true” title=”8th Grad” id=”1535534844560-0-1″ tab_id=”1535534844562-2″ link_url=”#8thGrad”][/page_link][page_link link_new_tab=”true” title=”9th Grad” id=”1535534876959-0-9″ tab_id=”1535534876960-10″ link_url=”#9thGrad”][/page_link][page_link title=”10+ Grad” id=”1535534914031-0-0″ tab_id=”1535534914033-8″ link_url=”#10thGrad”][/page_link][/page_submenu]

1st Graduation

2nd Grad

3rd Grad

4th Grad

6th Grad

7th Grad

8th Grad

9th Grad

10th Grad

11th Grad

12th Grad

13th Grad

14th Grad

15th Grad

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